Five Tips on How to Effectively Use a Dissertation Online Database

Your dissertation is one of the more important things you will write in your career. It distinguishes you from a student and a scholar. Because of this, many struggle with writing the paper. They don't struggle with just certain parts either; they struggle with the entire paper. One thing that can make your life easier is knowing how to effectively use online databases.


Most databases will require you to sign up for the service to be able to access certain content. Generally, this is the equivalent of signing up for a social media service, as they don't ask for too personal of details or a credit card. Usually registering will allow you to search and access past dissertations for free, as well as allow you to download them for free.

Use the proper database

There are several types of databases out there. Some cost money, many are free and some are ran by schools. You will want to choose a database that fits your needs. You can check each database description, which should tell you exactly what the database is about. Also, it's important to note that some databases sometimes focus on one type of topic, which is another reason why it's a good idea to check out the description.

Good keywords

These databases are designed to take up as little of your time as possible, meaning the use of keywords is pivotal in your searching. If you're writing your paper on a topic relating to math, you would want to search 'math dissertations.' Of course you can add more keywords to narrow the search farther as well, so as to find a more specific piece.

Look for and utilize research

You can utilize research from other dissertations for your own bachelor thesis. Databases can be a great way to find more research than you've already got, and are always accurate. The best way to find dissertations with research you could utilize would be to use excellent key words so you will want to narrow down your search.

Make sure you can download documents

A lot of databases allow you to download dissertations, but some don't. Before searching a database, check to make sure you can do digital downloads as well as make sure that it will download in the file type you have. The last thing you want is to find a dissertation that would be of great use, but you can't download it because the site doesn't allow digital downloads.

Online databases can be a huge help when writing your dissertation. Whether you're using them for examples or more research, a database will likely have what you're looking for. Utilizing them effectively could not only take some stress off you, but help make your dissertation that much better.

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