5 Places To Look For Top-Quality Criminology Dissertation Examples

To write a decent thesis in criminology, you should come up with a great topic first. If it’s difficult for you to generate interesting criminology dissertation ideas, you may look through well-written sample papers to get some inspiration. To increase the chance of finding good examples, you should learn about different places where you can look for them.

Where to Get Criminology Dissertation Examples

  1. Your professor.
  2. This person should be able to help you with many problems related to writing your paper. In particular, they should have several good criminology theses in their possession that they can share with you as examples. Papers provided by your professor should be of rather high quality.

  3. Your university library.
  4. If you need more samples that your professor can offer, you may look for them in the library of your university. Find a section where different papers in criminology are stored and search for well-written theses to borrow.

  5. Academic centers.
  6. In your town, there should be some centers where students can take additional lessons in order to improve their skills in writing essays, research papers, and dissertations. I such a center, they should store plenty of well-written sample papers of different types and on different topics.

  7. Online academic databases.
  8. On the Internet, you can find websites that store electronic versions of theses in different fields, including criminology. Some libraries allow downloading files from them for free while other databases will require you to pay for using them.

  9. Freelance academic writers.
  10. You may find a freelancer on the web that specializes in composing criminology dissertations. You may ask them to sell you their old works. If they agree, such papers shouldn’t cost you a lot. The quality of theses written by a competent freelancer should be very high, however.

Using Examples to Generate Good Topic Ideas

Once you have several criminology paper examples, you should consider the narrow topics that they study. Based on a topic from your sample paper, you may come up with a good idea for your own project. Also, you may examine the conclusion sections of your samples where the authors offer ideas for other scholars to continue their research.

In summary, there are many different sources that can provide you with dissertation examples of high quality. To get more samples, it’s recommended to approach several sources rather than use only one option. Keep in mind, however, that not all sources will provide you with the needed papers for free, so save some money just in case.

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